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The Voyage of Storm Petrel Wharram book

Attempted Escape From Western Civilisation

There aren’t many published books on Wharram catamarans and even fewer from builders hailing from Jersey and I reckon even less about a cat which is moored a row back from mine in St.Aubins harbour (a drying harbour on Jersey’s south coast). So I felt obliged to buy Attempted Escape From Western Civilisation by brothers Kingsley and Tim Cox.

The story of Jumble’s build is very well written with bags of humour and isn’t all epoxy and ply you’ll also find lots of humour and great story telling. The brothers tell of their early sailing experiences along with the Jumbles build and the following adventure from the UK’s south coast.

If your worrying about the quality of the written word or maybe put of by the cover then don’t be. This is an excellent read well worth picking up a copy.

wharram book the voyage of storm petrel

While we are on book reviews I’m currently reading “The Voyage of Storm Petrel. Britain to Senegal Alone in a Boat” by small boat sailer, single hander and musician Clarissa Vincent it’s on kindle and only £1.53. So far it’s a good read, again very well written. I really enjoy sailing books from authors that don’t have all the toys and endless resources, it’s inspiring stuff. It is also not all about the sailing, nothing worse than someone replaying their onboard log, Clarissa does a great job finding the right balance. I mention it as Clarissa appears to be friends with the builders of a Famous Wharram Tiki 46, Peace IV whom she references including meeting up on with on her single handled trip to Senegal.

Check out Clarissa’s blog for an extract.