Nexus 7 and Navionics

I have just taken delivery of my new Google Nexus 7 tablet from ebuyer ( who ship ex Vat to Jersey).

Very impressed.

I have an iPad and an android phone and this really feels better, faster, slicker and you have control that android brings (over Apples iOS).

It feels smoother than my iPad and the 7″ display is actually perfectly adequate. I’m typing this post on the device with the WordPress app and I actually find it easier than on the ipad, the spell checker works better and you can hold it with two hands and use your thumbs to type in portrait mode.

Anyway the reason I went for the Nexus was because it comes with an inbuilt GPS which for sailing and marine navigation is a big bonus over the kindle fire for example.

Installing navionics on the nexus 7

Go to Google play app store via the app from your nexus and you won’t find navionics, well at least I didn’t. You find the same with the likes if BBC iPlayer or Astro file manager.

Google play just doesn’t allow you to install the app on the Nexus as its not compatible for that device. Try searching in a browser on google play (when your not signed in) and up it pops.

Its probably down to the version of android the nexus is running, until its certified there will be no joy.

How to install iPlayer, Navionics or Astro file manager on your Nexus 7

If like me you also have android phone you could and of course its up to you, but you an use an app called app backup and restore. This neat little app let’s you do what you’d expect, backup apps to a .apk file and then you an transfer over and install the apk on the Nexus ( you will need to enable the Nexus to install apps from untrusted sources, to do this go to settings | security and check the tick box).

Of course you’ll need another android device or the .apk.

You might also want to install an app named appinstaller from Google play which will install .apk files. ( btw you can access the apps – once you have one – lots of different ways e.g. either directly by url, via cloud storage I.e. drop box, from your onboard sd memory, or with a file browser from your NAS device using the smb protocol).

If you go down the download route – from a website – you obviously open yourself up to risk from unscrupulous people and of course you break copy right laws from ripping of the software.

I’ve tried this technique with predict wind (which I recommend for weather routing) and a couple of other apps which you can’t install on the Nexus and not found any real problems.

Navionics on the Nexus 7

The good news is once you have the apk, Navionics downloads its on charts and away you go. The GPS starts and the mapping looks great.

I haven’t gone for the HD versions of Navionics and it looks good. Thoroughly recommended.

For an onboard tablet for sailing or general boating navionics plus your Google nexus 7 looks, like a great combination.

I just need to check what its like in day light.

I’ve attach a couple of screen shots below, you’ll see that the Channel islands now don’t sit In the Europe version (they did show in the old Western Europe version) of the navionics charts, I guess they are included in the UK and Holland chart set.

Btw If you want to install different chart regions they are each in a different app.

I’ve tried Memory-Map on the Nexus 7 as well. Personally I found it a bit clunky and much prefer Navionics which is smoother and more responsive.

Case for the Nexus 7

You might have read about the potential fragility of the Nexus 7 screen. Its unfortunate reality but if the screen cracks its likely to beyond economical repair. I did have a stock leather case for mine but have now bought a BobjGear case. This case has a thick finger size rubber bumper which should protect it from side and face down impacts.




  • September 25, 2012 - 10:13 pm | Permalink

    Great post …. I was considering one of these for the same reasons. I also have an iPad (but not the 3G version with gps) and was thinking of looking for a second hand one on eBay but the Nexus 7 seems like a better option.

    Since I charter, I can never be sure what equipment the charter yacht will have and with two small children having something like this at the helm does appeal.

    Interested to hear how it works out in practice.


    • October 9, 2012 - 6:05 pm | Permalink

      Thank you, always appreciate comments. Needing to buy an iPad with 3g to get the GPS is an expensive pain.

  • January 20, 2013 - 1:07 am | Permalink

    Thanks for the tip it seems to work real fine for me.

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